Top of Dopamine
Tang: Tang Xin   Wang: Wang Sishun

Tang: When did you get this dream which had a fairy in?

Wang: About two months ago.

Tang: What it looks like in the dream?

Wang: ... Anyway, it is wonderful.

Tang: Ha ha, because there is a fairy in it?

Wang: The key point is not the fairy, I think the dream is usually used to make up for the reality, where she was closer to the ideal embodiment, which can be the compensating for the lack of ideal and physiological. There is also a "beauty" in Qu Yuan’s “Li Sao”, this one is like the same, so she might be an emotional utopia or a political ideal

Tang: And you decided to make it as your work when you had this dream.

Wang: At the moment that I awaked from this beautiful dream, this is a kind of shock and impact to my brain which is beyond the conventional load of the neurons. So I got particularly strong feeling on it. A short time ago, it was a gentle and harmonious paradise, but suddenly it transferred to the depression reality. The dream told me that the place which had the fairy was two miles far from my studio, it seemed to be a yard of the railway department or a village.
However, in a dream, you usually do not feel like I was dreaming, you felt everything was so real in the dream, it seemed like it exited in another latitude space, and when you woke up, you would suspect the reliability of the reality. It called "Mental deficiency" in psychology, which means people try to use memory to remedy as compensation of spirit when people lose some beautiful things. But contrary, I just want to show this helpless, cruel dream and also the artificial reality. At the opening of this show, we will get together in the exhibition room, and we drive to the place which is two miles far from my studio.

Tang: What the place looks like in the real which was in your dream?

Wang: I haven’t been there yet, but there is a very beautiful section on road, more like in Europe, along the woods. But then there is ugly section on the road, ha ha, just like switching from a dream to reality.


Tang : Just like “Land of Peach Blossoms”

Wang: Yes. And I think the most beautiful part of "Land of Peach Blossoms" is at the end, that “Wulingness” try to find the “Land of Peach Blossoms” after he left that place, and he couldn’t find it. There is a kind of feeling of sadness of scenery and the beauty of fatalism.

Wang: There will be another show in the exhibition room with my show?

Tang: Ah, there are ? ‘s photography, The state appointed him to shot the Council Chamber of each province of the Great Hall of the People which was under construction, the pictures reflect the current aesthetic and ideological landscape was covered by subsequent decoration which was disappeared ... ...

Wang: Oh, so it will be coordination of both of our works.


Wang: Hello, Tang Xin! The article in the catalogue was too hasty, if we don’t has the requirement on the words, maybe we just use the conversation between us for the print, I will sort out and send to you when I finished.  (Called Tang Xin in one hour after I left “Taikang Top Space”, I was driving near C.A.F.A)

Tang: Haha! That will be dream words…