2014,“A flame is ignited from a fire disaster, a specialist cultivates the fire eternally and prevent it from being extinguished,
it will still keep burning in the world after thousands of years.

On 12 August 2015, I drove alone from Beijing starting a journey of 17000 kilometers to transport the flame that was ignited from the initial fire to Paris. The trip lasted for a whole month. 
In September 2015, this work was  presented in New Galerie in Paris.
During the exhibition period, the car is parked at the front of the gallery, enabling the audience to see the flame through the window glass.

Along the way, I sometimes picked up small stones and draw graffiti, notes related to the journey and some images. 

In Poland, people traced a few drawings with their fingers in the dust covering its surface. I outlined these graffiti using a knife.

Truth 15 8 13
video  180+hours footage

The content of which is recorded by the driving recorder all the distance from Beijing to Paris.

I picked up stones on the road and carved them into simple small sculptures. Then I threw them back in the forests and grasslands on the side of the road. In many years, they might be discovered again, therefore now is civilization.
Exhibition rooms merely display the records of the works, and not the actual works themselves, which will stay forever in their current places. Collectors can collect the sculpture together with a certificate of authenticity but will never be able to get the works. 

Now is civilization  lamp
Stone  21x15x12cm

Now is civilization  sheep
Stone  16x10x6cm 

Now is civilization  car
Stone  14x7x6cm

Now is civilization  
woman Portrait
Stone  11x8x7cm 

Truth 15 9 1
paper  444x44cm 2015

While driving while drawing.

Long live the great unity of the people of the world
Photo 100X65cm 

There was a tourist group at the Yekaterinburg Eurasian line, I pretended to be one of them and gave the guide my camera to take a group photo. When other
people go back they won’t be able to find this picture: a precious shot.

Truth 15 9 15
Metal lacquer  42x19x3cm 

On the highway, I inadvertently hit the road fence, which left a color trace on the surface of the car. I cut down this part of the car body.