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“A flame is ignited from a fire disaster, a specialist cultivates the fire eternally and prevent it from being extinguished,it will still keep burning in the world after thousands of years.


The flame born from a disaster conveys all the tragedies it may relate to: wildness, invasiveness and destruction, filled with strong desire and vitality.

Its weakness is similar to a soul fed with greed and ambition. But it may rapidly grow and spread beyond control, leading to unforeseeable consequences, as any danger or evilness on earth.

For this exhibition, Wang Sishun drove from Beijing to MadeIn Gallery in Shanghai. The scenery on the road became his canvas, he released his « flame » as a creature, destroying and creating new landscapes, natural and social.

During the exhibition period, the car of the artist with his flame is parked near the gallery,  ready to be taken to any other places…